"The first statements of Karim Benzema after his move to the Saudi Union!"

 Karim Benzema stated that he joined the Saudi league because he is a Muslim and Saudi Arabia is a Muslim and Arab country! The fans of the Saudi Union celebrated the joining of Karim Benzema to the team today at the Union club stadium in a very beautiful fireworks display where they made a tiger shape with fireworks as a symbol that Karim is a tiger!

The Saudi Union club announced two days ago that Karim Benzema officially joined the Saudi Union football club for a contract that extends for three seasons! Saudi Arabia has become an attractive country for the biggest professional players in the world these days, as Cristiano Ronaldo joined the Saudi Al-Nassr club last year, and now Karim Benzema has joined the Union club, and also Kante moved to the Saudi league next to Karim Benzema!

Ali Mustafa Al Shamari
By : Ali Mustafa Al Shamari
Ali Mustafa Al Shamari is professional journalist and editor scine 2017 , graduated from the University of giza -in the Department of Journalism I write in several fields work - entertainment - sports - health - science Ali Mustafa Al Shamari@elalamimedia.co

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