Real Estate Consultant Yasser Abdullah: The New Administrative Capital and El Alamein serve as exemplary architectural models and are a testament to the state's tremendous efforts.

The real estate consultant, Eng. Yasser Abdullah, stated that under the leadership of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the new administrative capital and the city of El Alamein have become exemplary models for investment and real estate development. These projects have successfully attracted both Arab and foreign investors, encouraging them to invest in Egypt as well as abroad.

Yasser Abdullah further emphasized that Egypt has efficiently established the new administrative capital and the city of El Alamein within a short period, meeting international standards. This achievement reflects excellent planning by the government. He also highlighted how this real estate boom, particularly in the new administrative capital and the city of El Alamein, has positioned Egypt as a successful and distinguished destination for real estate investment.

Moreover, Yasser Abdullah pointed out that the Egyptian government has successfully convinced foreign investors that Egypt is a secure and stable country with significant investment opportunities. This has marked a significant advancement in the field of investment, particularly in the region's real estate sector.

Eng. Yasser Abdullah affirmed that Egypt is currently witnessing a remarkable progress in its infrastructure and real estate sectors. He emphasized that developing new Egyptian cities and upgrading existing ones are among the government's top priorities.

He further mentioned that the new administrative capital and the city of El Alamein encompass international projects and cutting-edge technological capabilities. They offer a wide array of shops, malls, and services, thus creating thousands of job opportunities for the people.

Ahmed Elhamshary
By : Ahmed Elhamshary
Ahmed Elhamshary is professional journalist and editor scine 2018 , graduated from tanta University in the Department of Journalism I write in several fields work - entertainment - sports - health - science

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