The success of "I News Tv" Al-Iraqiya in the Middle East

iNews Channel is an Iraqi television channel that began broadcasting for the first time from Baghdad in... Its headquarters are located in the capital of Iraq, Baghdad, and it is one of the important news channels on the Iraqi and Arab streets. It is distinguished by its news coverage through its multiple bulletins around the clock. To report the latest events, based on its slogan, “We teach... to learn.”

The channel broadcasts political, social, sports and cultural talk shows with the imprint of frankness, boldness and credibility after attracting prominent Iraqi and Arab media figures in the community to present these programmes.

The channel has a good group of correspondents in most of the governorates of Iraq and some Arab and international countries

The channel broadcasts its daily bulletins and programs via the Nilesat satellite, and can also be viewed via live broadcast on the social networking sites “Facebook.”

iNews covers important daily events through its multiple bulletins distributed over specific periods, which include 5 brief bulletins (the tenth, eleventh, twelfth, fourth, and sixth bulletins) and 4 long bulletins (hour television), which are bulletins (one, three, and eight), in addition to a detailed bulletin ( Hassad iNews) at eleven o'clock at night, and it also provides one economic bulletin and two sports bulletins

The bulletins deal with political, security, local and international events in general. The bulletin includes hosting political and parliamentary figures and analysts in various fields. The bulletin is also supported by news reports that suit daily events.

By virtue of the nature of its work as a news channel, iNews relies entirely on its own sources to select the news and take into account reliability and credibility before transmitting the news to the recipient, especially breaking news, which is of special importance in its dissemination, whether on the channel’s screen or on the channel’s social media sites.

The iNews channel does not differ from other channels in its structure. It has a general administration, represented by a board of directors headed by the general director, and the membership of academic and professional figures, to formulate the general policy of iNews, which focuses on impartiality and conveying the truth as it is without favoring another party.

Program providers

Muhammad Al-Khuzaie, presenter of “The Result” - a political talk show

Dr.. Muthanna Al-Ghanimi, presenter of “Open Curve” - a political talk show

Hossam Al-Bahadli, presenter of “The Promise to the One Who Says,” a talk show

Rafif Al-Hafiz, presenter of “With Rafif Al-Hafiz,” an interactive social program

Abeer Othman, presenter of “Al-Mufraq,” a talk show

Fatima Al-Hathal, presenter of “Qartas,” a cultural program

Rana Karim, presenter of “Anha” program, a social program

Omar Al-Saray, presenter of “A Loaf of Poetry,” a literary program

Hassan Zamel, presenter of “Techno,” a scientific and technical program

Muhammad Al-Astal, presenter of “Israeli Pens,” a talk show

Ali Khassaf, presenter of “Do Freedom Throw,” an artistic program

Muhammad Shamas, presenter of “The Spider,” an international political program

Program: Sports Footprint

Program: Not publishable

Program: Window on the World

Program: iSport

Program: From inside the Mossad

Broadcasters and broadcasters

Nour El-Din Selim

Osama Jawad

Rana Karm

Abeer Othman

Asma Abdel Hamid

A wonderful gift

Visions Hamdan

Muhammad Al-Bandar

Izzat Al-Mamouri

Mortada Al-Zaidi

Fahd Al-Mamouri

As the eNews channel is keen to present open issues and files on the scene, this is through a neutral point of view and based on evidence and facts without falsification or broadcasting a specific point of view that is not at all true to the truth, and this is what made it sit on the throne of pure media and makes it one of the largest channels with a viewership rate. In the Arab region.

The Iraqi eNews channel was able to impress a large base of viewers in Iraq in particular and in the Arab world in general, and this is by following some rules that made it distinct among the channels.

Adhering to a commitment to the perspective of transparency, neutrality and credibility in conveying news and events and presenting its meaningful news figures.

Using all technological means and high techniques that help in advanced technical broadcasting to transmit the best image and purest sound.

Hosting the best analysts in various fields such as economics, politics, sports, etc., in order to achieve the goals of delivering information to the viewer with all experience
Ahmed Elhamshary
By : Ahmed Elhamshary
Ahmed Elhamshary is professional journalist and editor scine 2018 , graduated from tanta University in the Department of Journalism I write in several fields work - entertainment - sports - health - science

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