Elshazly is a content creator who is causing a stir in the Arab trend

Abdullah Al-Shazly, the famous clothing merchant and blogger, revealed the truth about his arrest after a video was circulated showing young men gathered around a security vehicle, with a voice in the video repeating: “Abdullah Al-Shazly has been arrested,” with comments from those in the video: “There is no power nor strength except “By God.”

Al-Shazly said that the video circulating is old, and dates back to approximately 3 years ago, specifically October 2021, pointing out that he was arrested at that time for causing gatherings among citizens, after sleeping in the street and displaying clothes at prices that reached 2 pounds.

Al-Shazly continued in a statement to Cairo 24: I am in the street in my area, cheering for the people in the area, and I am continuing my work without any problems that expose me to legal accountability.

When talking about a TikTok content creator, we can refer to a single person, group, fictional character, or any profile who consistently builds and influences an audience on TikTok. Creating useful TikTok content enables you to gain audience reputation and the ability to influence their habits and actions, including purchasing decisions. There are also influencers of different types and sizes.

There are many types and classifications of TikTok content creators, and before you think about how to become a TikTok content creator, you need to decide which of these types you will belong to. We can also classify influencers according to the number of their followers. If you want to become a Tik Tok content creator, you do not necessarily have to compare yourself to celebrities with large audiences. Your success does not depend on the number of followers, but rather on participation and how to provide important content to your audience. Here are the main types and classifications of TikTok content creators:

1- Ordinary users

They are people who use the TikTok app to share short videos from their daily lives, and provide Lifestyle content which is one of the most popular niche categories on TikTok. Many people like to follow the lives of some people and learn more about their daily activities. They do not care about fame or attracting a large number of followers.

2- Influencers

This type of Tik Tok content maker expresses people who use the Tik Tok application to enrich content in innovative and attractive ways, and they are often very popular and have a large number of followers. They may be marketing an important brand, promoting an idea, service or much more because they are able to influence their audience, spread ideas in quick ways and build on the successes of TikTok live broadcasts.

3- Celebrities

Tik Tok celebrities mean people who have previous fame in a specific field. Whether it's in the world of television, theater or other fields. Thus, they transfer their fame to the TikTok application, and their accounts usually have a large number of followers.

4- Purposeful content creators

They are people who use the TikTok app to post useful, value-added TikTok content. Such as educational information, health tips, creative content, sports clips, tutorials, recipes, legal advice, and even marketing tips.

5- Commercial content creators

They are people who use TikTok to advertise specific products or services, often contracting with companies to do so. Their accounts express a brand, or an organization that provides a service or product. She would also like to have her own fan base on TikTok.

6- Fun content creators

They are the people who use TikTok to add fun and humor to the content. They often use effects and filters to attract viewers' attention, the most notable example of which is lip movement videos.

7- Artist content creators

These are people who use TikTok to showcase their artistic talents, such as dancing, singing, cooking, fashion, makeup, crafts, and much more.
Mahmoud Shaker
By : Mahmoud Shaker
Mahmoud Shaker is a professional journalist since 2019, a media graduate from Dubai University, a technology expert, a media consultant and a member of the International Organization of Journalists - a member of the fact-checking team at Meta Company. He writes in the fields of entertainment, art, science and technology, and believes that the pen can change everything

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