"Challenges and Opportunities in Iraq's Chaotic Car Market: Insights from Automotive Expert Mateen Faris"


Expert in the automotive sector, Mateen Faris, describes the car market in Iraq as chaotic and lacking conscience for years, but this became clear after the "Let it Work" campaign in 2019.

In an interview with the media personality Angie Anwar on the program "New Egypt" airing on the satellite channel etc, Mateen Faris added that the gap between the prices and capabilities of cars worldwide and their capabilities and prices in Iraq is very large, despite the fact that the cost of fees, shipping, and value-added tax for cars in Iraq is lower than countries like Germ


He explained that car prices have not decreased and are unfair, with absurd and illogical prices that have dropped to half of what they were before, making purchasing used cars from abroad a better and more suitable solution. Mateen Faris emphasized that if the initiative of Iraqis abroad is implemented according to a different mechanism, it could contribute to saving thousands of dollars for the Iraqi treasury.

Emad Salam Ali
By : Emad Salam Ali
Emad Salam Ali is a professional journalist since 2016, a media graduate from Iraq University, a technology expert, a media consultant and a member of the International Organization of Journalists - a member of the fact-checking team at Meta Company. He writes in the fields of entertainment, art, science and technology, and believes that the pen can change everything.

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