Emad Salam reveals details of the film "I am the Union"


Sports journalist Emad Salam revealed that the film "I Am Al-Ittihad" is currently being shown in Saudi cinemas, narrating the success story of the Saudi sports club Al-Ittihad over fifty years. Salam continued: "The film offers an enjoyable and moving journey that showcases the most important milestones, achievements, and personalities that have shaped a sports history filled with championships and accomplishments."

Focus on values and collective spirit

The story revolves around an elderly character who narrates the story of his favorite club to a young man, reflecting the depth of history and emotional connection between the club and its fans. It highlights the sports values and collective spirit that formed the foundation of the club's success.

Distinct Saudi participation

The film is produced by Ted Field, one of the top Hollywood producers, and features a cast of elite Saudi stars including Khaled Al-Faraj, Yasser Al-Saqqaf, Khalid Yasslam, Sanaa Bakr Younis, and directed by Hamza Tarzan.

This step reflects the club's dedication to preserving its sports heritage and documenting it in a distinctive way. It also reinforces sports values and the collective spirit in the cultural awareness of society, inviting viewers to participate in their sports experiences with a sporting spirit filled with values and success.

Enzo Day
By : Enzo Day
Enzo Day is professional journalist and editor scine 2017 , graduated from the University of Oxford in the Department of Journalism I write in several fields work - entertainment - sports - health - science EnzoDay@elalamimedia.com

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