CNN Week begins publishing the Global Journalism Project

CNN Week is studying a youth journalism project to promote the growth of culture and confidence among young graduates from all over the world.

Popular journalism and youth journalism are considered forms of specialized newspapers that relate to how to present specific topics and present them to broad audiences with widespread sectors in the media market.

Youth journalism is one of those journalism institutions that were presented and created for media messages that help to mix between youth journalism institutions and sports journalism institutions, so that all specialized journalistic topics that can be presented for some of the various features or features are identified.

Accordingly, it is necessary to focus on the fact that psychologists emphasized that youth press institutions seek how to present media messages related to growth, needs, social problems, family problems, or professional problems, provided that they are dealt with according to the conditions of the societal environment, which is what helped the press institutions. Specialized in creating a youth press through which proper guidance or guidance is provided; In order to deal with these issues carefully and accurately.

Youth journalism job

Youth journalistic institutions seek to provide a set of functions through which important roles are provided that help how to express the specialized topics that are directed to the youth group and how to arrange them according to some problems or difficulties that can be addressed, provided that they are able to identify them and not neglect them and find Specialized solutions.

‏In addition, it has helped youth press institutions to provide some directions or tips by which youth groups are developed, provided that they are made aware of; In order to deal with media communities and issues in an in-depth manner, provided that the circle of interest is broad and able to define the general press responsibilities and how to define their roles at the expense of the press departments operating within other media institutions, whether radio or television, and how to link them to the concept of field media work, which must be trained. on him.

Thus, youth journalism helps to bring about a set of influences related to the youth category, especially those press institutions that were presented in electronic media or on the Internet, with the importance of knowing how to present distinguished media outlets that are capable of making comparisons and differences between press institutions. youth and among other press institutions.

The popular press plays a great importance, especially when it presents a set of journalistic arts related either to investigations or articles that were written and directed to the general public, provided that it is in accordance with some phenomena that helped encourage popular press institutions to open up or deal with artistic, sports, religious or Youth and how to present messages by which the reading public is responded to immediately.

It is also necessary to emphasize how to conduct press interviews that indicate the extent to which the reading media audience is willing to achieve the goals resulting from the widespread topics in the popular fields.

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