Mohamed Ragab writes about the generation and its attachment to technology

Writer and journalist Mohamed Ragab writes about the new generation, how long they have attached themselves to technology, and whether it integrates societies easily.

And were the youth able to use it in useful ways for self-development and reach their goals in a quick and flexible way, or was it just a way to waste time

In fact, technology is an important thing in the world and local and global societies. It is useful in every field and everything, even in the simplest things. You can search for anything in the global search engine, Google, and at that moment you can trust yourself in it.

Facilitate communication between people

Technology occupies great importance with regard to facilitating communication between people, as it effectively contributed to making the big world look like a small village, and this was achieved thanks to the means and methods provided by technology to people to enhance and facilitate communication between them. To the Internet and the associated ability of people to communicate with each other across different continents and countries within a few seconds.

The development of knowledge and science

Technology contributes greatly to accessing and acquiring information, and thus developing it, which is a reason for the existence of a huge scientific and knowledge revolution that results in facilitating human lives by increasing inventions in various practical fields, for example supplying factories with many advanced machines and equipment that helped provide commodities And high-quality services, by facilitating production processes in factories and making them less time and effort, in addition to their benefit in reducing operating costs for the benefit of employers.

Solving human problems

Technology has contributed to solving various human problems, especially at the present time due to the rapid state of change linked to the amount of existing information. It is also necessary to mention the applications that it provided to the field of health care, and the many positive aspects that emerged from it, and many other technological means that developed human lives and helped them save time and effort.

The importance of technology in business

The following points mention some of the benefits of using technology in business and its importance: Technology provides many mechanisms that contribute to raising work efficiency and productivity entrusted to it, in addition to accelerating and facilitating the work process. Many computer programs are available that help achieve accuracy in financial transactions and related matters such as employee salaries, bill payments, etc., and make the implementation of these tasks easier. Technology achieves a high degree of competition between companies or institutions, and provides many mechanisms to assist in this, including marketing and selling via the Internet, in addition to communicating with the appropriate customers in the appropriate place and time. It facilitates the process of communication between co-workers or even with customers and consumers.

Advantages and advantages of technology in society

Enabling a person to get what he wants at the right time for him, which makes him feel free.

It works to converge different spectra and orientations in various topics, and helps in communication, discussion, and exchange of ideas and cultures.

Developing electronic commerce, facilitating buying and selling, in addition to the ability to exchange currencies.

It is considered the best according to the cost, as it helped to improve labor productivity, which led to an increase in the wages of employees and labor.

Opened the doors to distance education and conducting more practical and literary studies and research.

Helps save time and effort on a daily basis.

Made the world a small village despite the distance.

- Created new fields of work and job creation, such as programming and web development, for example.

Get acquainted with the latest details and news around the world, moment by moment, as soon as the event occurs.

How technology is changing our world

Artificial intelligence is the new technological frontier over which companies compete, and countries seek to control it. Alphabet, the owner of Google, invested nearly $30 billion in developing artificial intelligence technologies, and Chinese giant Baidu spent $20 billion last year. Only to develop artificial intelligence systems to compete with in the future.

And companies are not the only ones that invest time, money and energy in developing this technology, as a recent article published in the newspaper "The New Yorker" stated that the Chinese government is pursuing artificial intelligence technology vigorously in an attempt to control innovations in the future, and given that some of the largest entities in the world focus on developing Artificial intelligence technology, it is certain that the year 2018 will witness great progress in this matter, and the following are ten trends in which modern technology will appear during the year.

AI is a political talking point

While AI technology may help create jobs, it will also cause some unemployment. For example, Goldman Sachs predicts that self-driving cars will cause 25,000 drivers to lose their jobs each month. Likewise, if it is possible to For large stores to operate with a few dozen people, many employees would be fired.

This will prompt experts and politicians to sit down together and talk about the dangers of this new technology and how to address the crisis of layoffs.

proliferation of bots

We are entering a world where it will be possible to operate an entire factory with a crew of robots supported by artificial intelligence, which can perform human tasks faster, more accurately and at a lower cost, and there are many companies that have begun to use a mixture of artificial intelligence and advanced robots to provide unprecedented solutions.

It is expected that workplaces will be built for advanced robots, which can work 24/7 and do not require lighting to know what they are doing. Amazon will be one of the first companies to take that step inside its warehouses.

 Self-driving cars

Tesla was one of the first automakers to launch a largely self-driving car, and in its efforts to keep pace with Tesla, traditional automakers such as Audi are preparing to launch self-driving cars in 2018, and the Audi A8 will include self-driving technology capable of transporting Humans are safe without the need for a driver, and Cadillac and Volvo are also developing advanced self-driving technology, which will become increasingly visible in 2018.

 Use of artificial intelligence for armies

The Defense Research Agency "DARPA" has pioneered a number of technological achievements. It is responsible for developing new technologies for use by the US military, and now it is working with "Boston Dynamics" to develop a series of robots designed for disaster relief. In addition, the technology can It is also used in a combat role.

content industry

Content will be created using artificial intelligence. News sites such as USA Today, CBS and Hearst are already using that technology to produce news. For example, there is a system that allows publishers to convert written content into video content through artificial intelligence in a matter of minutes.

The Associated Press uses a tool called Wordsmith to create news stories based on earnings data, and in 2018, readers can expect to see more media companies relying on this technology.

The world will talk to machines

 It is estimated that more than 20 million smart speakers were sold to Amazon last year, and if you add in sales of other smart devices such as Google Home, you realize that tens of millions of Americans speak inside their homes from voice-activated devices.

And in 2018, consumers will become more interactive with these devices, and through them they will control their entire homes.

Fighting difficult diseases

“We are entering a time when a network of computers can solve some of the most challenging health problems in the world by collecting and analyzing human molecular data,” says Ben Hortmann, CEO of Bet Capital LLC. “Studies have shown that AI technologies can diagnose diseases faster.” More accurate than humans.

Smarter phones

Most of the phones that will be launched during the current year 2018 will be supported by artificial intelligence technologies, which will help the phone in carrying out a number of new unprecedented tasks, in addition to recognizing the user, it will be used in cameras to help the individual take the best possible picture.

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