EU Council President: No deal on top job distribution in Union institutions


The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, denied that the heads of state and government of the European Union member states reached an agreement on the distribution of leadership positions in the unified bloc's institutions for the legislative term 2024-2029 during an informal meeting last night. The European official stated in a press release according to the Italian news agency AKI today, Tuesday, "We listened to the President of the European Parliament as well as Ursula von der Leyen, who shared some ideas with us about the future of the European Union." He added, "It was a good opportunity for exchanging views and preparing for the upcoming European Council meeting in Brussels next week, expressing his belief that the discussion is moving in the right direction, but there is no agreement tonight." Michel continued, "I believe it is our collective duty to make a decision by the end of this month, and the 27 leaders must work hard to ensure reaching an agreement" on the distribution of top positions and the strategic agenda of the unified bloc in the next legislative term. According to Michel, yesterday's informal meeting was clear from the beginning that its goal was not to make a decision, but rather "to listen to everyone," ensuring "transparency" in the decision-making process.

Shvan Mosleh Tayib
By : Shvan Mosleh Tayib
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