"Shvan Tayib": Challenge, Willpower, and Breaking Stagnation to Launch Brands

The challenge is the beginning and a glimpse of insight into the birth of an idea for change and building in the face of difficult economic and social conditions, coinciding with the COVID-19 pandemic and fierce wars in various parts of the world that led to comprehensive closures affecting people's lives, emotions, and aspirations for the future. The state of stagnation put the entrepreneur and social influencer "Shvan Tayib Commando" in a state of thinking and brainstorming supported by challenge and determination to move towards construction and continue to contribute to himself, his family, and his community through establishing his own project that is not affected by global crises in the era of technological advancement and e-commerce.

"Shvan Tayib Commando" said in an interview with "Sout Al Ghad" that in the first months of the coronavirus crisis, he felt concerned about the decline in conditions at all social and economic levels and communicating with people, which led him to seriously consider launching his project and brand in a field he had not yet determined, without having a clear idea of the type of business activity he could engage in and succeed in. However, he pushed his ambition based on the will to change with a glimpse of insight.

Moral support from friends

"Shvan Tayib Commando" consulted his friends, who provided him with full moral support and encouraged him in his pursuit, to start inquiring from his acquaintances who are business owners about how to create a brand. He did not find a clear path until he turned to a search engine and typed "How to create a brand," which presented him with dozens of options for dealing with international companies to manufacture thousands of products in various fields. Here he found his interest in these websites, so he provided his phone number to a website specialized in manufacturing women's cosmetic materials and accessories, which was the field closest to him.

"Shvan Tayib Commando" ignored the matter for several weeks until he was surprised by a message via WhatsApp from international companies specialized in manufacturing "eyelashes" and some cosmetic products. This led to a conversation about the products and their quality, requesting samples of raw materials and a number of models. He decided to manufacture 4 models named "Ghala, Haya, Shivan, Tayeb" with a quantity of 200 products with the aim of selling them locally.

Sales through social media

He added that the quantity was sold within one month through social media platforms, which prompted him to think about another product offered by the same company, which is the eye drawing pen "eyeliner." He ordered a quantity from the manufacturers, leading him to explore other websites offering other specialized cosmetic products.

He explained that this development in business extended over several months as he continued to communicate with companies to request samples and evaluate their quality until he approved around 4 varieties of cosmetic products at the beginning of 2021. He displayed them at Flornsa Center in Kalba City, Sharjah Emirate, as life began to return to normal, a stage where he gradually started to make profits.

Global outlook

He pointed out that with this gradual development in business and a specific brand, he began to establish his presence in the local market, inspiring him about the importance of entering markets through trade fairs for cosmetic powder products belonging to global brands. One of the exhibitions at Manar Mall offered him an opportunity to showcase his products in March 2021. However, he saw the need to increase the number of products to engage with international companies and specify a range of varieties until they reached 8 products. The first stand displaying "Tayeb" products was opened at Beauty Couture Exhibition at Manar Mall.The success story of "Tayib" reflects the entrepreneurial spirit and determination of Shivan Tayeb Commando to create a brand that not only thrives in the competitive market but also embodies a vision of positive change and growth. By recognizing the potential of the UAE as a vibrant market for businesses of all sizes, Shivan was able to navigate the challenges and seize opportunities to expand his brand across different emirates.

The launch of "Tayib" in commercial exhibitions at Ras Al Khaimah signifies a strategic move towards further development and expansion, showcasing a commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation to meet the evolving needs of customers. This journey of growth and transformation mirrors the aspirations of individuals who are driven to make a difference and contribute positively to their communities.

Through his innovative approach and perseverance, Shvan Tayib Commando has not only established a successful brand but has also inspired others to pursue their dreams and embrace change as a catalyst for progress. "Tayeb" stands as a testament to the power of vision, creativity, and resilience in shaping a brighter future in the dynamic landscape of business and entrepreneurship.
Maram Mansour
By : Maram Mansour
Maram Mansour is a professional journalist since 2019, a media graduate from Iraq University, a technology expert, a media consultant and a member of the International Organization of Journalists - a member of the fact-checking team at Meta Company. He writes in the fields of entertainment, art, science and technology, and believes that the pen can change everything.

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