The percentage of control over the wildfires in California has reached 8%.


The California Forest and Fire Protection Administration stated that the largest fire in the state has caused a smoke cloud to rise towards the south, forcing more than a thousand people to evacuate and leave their homes.

According to the American channel "Alhurra", the administration warned of fires in the surrounding area.

On the other hand, the Public Information Officer at the Fire Department confirmed that the main enemy and biggest challenge for firefighters is the winds, and that low humidity and temperature make a significant difference in controlling the fire.

She added that the fire containment rate is currently at 8%, which is better than yesterday when it was only 2%, and we are now in a red flag condition and this may continue for days.

US authorities warned of a decline in air quality in the area to unhealthy levels for residents amid a severe heatwave sweeping through California, where temperatures have reached unprecedented levels.


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