The European Union officially begins negotiations for the accession of Ukraine and Moldova in Luxembourg.

 The European Union begins official negotiations today in Luxembourg with Ukraine and Moldova, aiming to allow these two countries to become full members of the European Union. Radio France International reported today that the negotiations are expected to be long and difficult, potentially pushing these former Soviet republics to solidify their position in Europe.

A diplomatic source, who requested anonymity, stated that the accession negotiations between the European Union and a third country will take place within the framework of an international government conference. The meeting of the twenty-seven countries (EU member states) will first officially begin discussions with Ukraine this afternoon at 3:30 local time (1:30 GMT), followed by Moldova.

These talks come as a result of an agreement reached by 26 EU countries, which had to skillfully compete to convince Hungary led by Viktor Orban not to hinder the process. The Hungarian Prime Minister strongly opposed any discussions on Ukraine's accession, considering the country unprepared.

Once the international government conference is officially opened, negotiators will first review the legislation of both countries to ensure its compatibility with EU legislation. The European Commission confirmed on June 7th that Ukraine and Moldova have now met all the basic conditions for accession.

The European Commission urged Kyiv to take action against corruption and influential businessmen, improve minority rights, a measure Budapest insisted on due to the presence of the Hungarian community in Ukraine. The EU granted candidate status to Ukraine in June 2022, a highly symbolic move just months after the war began there, as well as granting candidate status to neighboring Moldova.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said last week, "We look forward to next week, June 25, when Ukraine and the European Union will hold their first international government conference, marking the effective start of the negotiation process," praising the realization of a "European dream."

It is worth noting that the opening of negotiations is just one step in a long and arduous accession process, and the potential entry of Ukraine, a country with over 40 million inhabitants and strong agricultural power, poses numerous challenges, starting with financial aid that needs to be utilized.

Sara Riyad
By : Sara Riyad
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