The White House: We do not know what Netanyahu is talking about, but we have suspended a shipment of weapons that was destined for Israel.


The White House spokesperson said: "We do not know what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is talking about, but we have only suspended one shipment of weapons destined for Israel, and the rest of the shipments are reaching them as usual," according to a press conference reported by Al-Qahira News Channel.
The occupying forces continue to launch hundreds of airstrikes, artillery bombardments, and commit crimes in various parts of the Gaza Strip, carrying out bloody massacres against civilians and committing horrific crimes in incursion areas, amid a catastrophic humanitarian situation resulting from the siege and the displacement of more than 90% of the population.
Israeli occupation aircraft have destroyed entire residential areas in the Gaza Strip as part of the comprehensive destruction policy pursued by the occupation in its ongoing aggression on the Gaza Strip.
Thousands of martyrs and wounded are still trapped under the rubble, due to the ongoing shelling and the dangerous field conditions, amidst a suffocating blockade on the sector and strict restrictions on the entry of fuel and urgent vital aid to alleviate the catastrophic humanitarian conditions.
Shvan Mosleh Tayib
By : Shvan Mosleh Tayib
Shvan Mosleh Tayib is professional journalist and editor scine 2016 , graduated from the University of giza -in the Department of Journalism I write in several fields work - entertainment - sports - health - science Shvan Mosleh

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