China Condemns US Sanctions on Venezuela, Calls for Immediate Stop to Interference


China expressed its objection today, Tuesday, to the unilateral and illegal sanctions imposed by the United States on Venezuela, calling on the United States to immediately and completely stop interfering in the internal affairs of Venezuela.

Lian Jian, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said in a statement quoted by the Chinese news agency "Xinhua" that China strongly condemns the action taken by US authorities to seize the Citgo Petroleum Company, a subsidiary of PDVSA (Venezuela's national oil company). Citgo, based in the United States, specializes in refining crude oil and distributing fuel in American territories.

He pointed out that "forced sales represent a new link in the multi-faceted aggression practiced by US institutions against Venezuela."

The spokesperson added that China always firmly upholds the United Nations Charter and the basic norms governing international relations, indicating that his country opposes unilateral and illegal sanctions and long-arm jurisdiction imposed by the United States on Venezuela.

He explained that the United States must lift the unilateral and illegal sanctions against Venezuela and do more to help peace, stability, and development in Venezuela and other countries.

Maram Mansour
By : Maram Mansour
Maram Mansour is a professional journalist since 2019, a media graduate from Iraq University, a technology expert, a media consultant and a member of the International Organization of Journalists - a member of the fact-checking team at Meta Company. He writes in the fields of entertainment, art, science and technology, and believes that the pen can change everything.

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